Mountain activities

Mountain activities

Macedonia has hidden treasures for all those who want adventure, recreation and kilometers long trails ideal for hiking and mountain activities. Mountaineering is a sport for all four seasons in which the fitness is acquired in nature by walking uphill and downhill, on a worse or better terrain, which can be forest path, meadow or rocky hills and rocks. If you are a beginner, the nearest hill is a real start, and over time, the endurance will increase, and with that the length of the trails that are numerous in Macedonia.

Mountain trails

There are many mountaineering trails in Macedonia, from Pelister (easy-difficult trail), to Belasica, Osogovo, Jakupica, Solunska Glava, Baba Planina, Maleshevski Mountains, Skopska Crna Gora, Sar Mountain… choose the path depending on your physical fitness.

Mountain activities

Mountain activities and trails in the Mavrovo National park

Mountaineering trails in this valley are:

  • Info Center - Peak Koza - Vrben
  • Round trip over Leunovo
  • Nikiforovo - Peak Sandaktash
  • Circular trail above Mavrovo
  • Mavrovo - Chavkarnik
  • Mavrovo - Peak Medenica - Galichnik
  • Galichnik - Peak Govedarnik
  • Galichnik - Janche
  • Selce – Suvo Pole – Galichnik

Mountain activities


Walking routes in the Gorna Reka region

  • Trnica - Vrben
  • Trnica - Bogdevo
  • Trnica - Sence
  • Sence - Volkovija – Trnica


Mountain activities and trails in the regions of Dolna and Mala Reka

  • Skudrinje Peak Krchin - Bituse
  • Skudrinje – Kale
  • Skudrinje - Prisojnica - Adzievci - Rostushe
  • Lazaropole - Peak Sokolica
  • Lazaropole - Elen Skok
  • Lazaropole – Rosoki
  • Vrben path
  • Gorna Reka path
  • Path along landscapes
  • Pathway along Batkovica
  • Path from Mavrovo through Bistra to Lazaropole
  • Path from the info centre to Galichnik and Selce
  • Circular path around Lazaropole

Mountain activities and trails in the Pelister National Park

The road infrastructure includes three main roads:

  • Bitola - Trnovo - Magarevo (an edge to Golema Livada (Great Meadow) - Rotino) - Information Centre - Hotel Molika
  • Kazani - Malovista
  • Information Centre - Palisnopje – Capari Pass – Hunter’s house - Antenna – Golemo Ezero (Big Lake).

Mountain activities

Mountain activities and trails in the Galicica National Park

This are trails from the Galicica National Park

  • Historical path – Golem Grad
  • Walking-recreational path – Frankofony path

Mountain activities

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