Prilep is a city in the Western Macedonia, nicknamed "The city under Marko’s towers" (referring to the fortress). The city is the Macedonian tobacco capital. The population is 76,768 (Prilep municipality). The city was the capital of the medieval kingdom of Kings Volkasin and Marko which explains the large number of churches and monasteries in and around the city.

Prilep square


Things to visit in Prilep:


Old Bazaar
Sv.Blagoveshtenie Church
Markovi Kuli Fortress
Holy Archangels Monastery

Markovi kuli


Things to do in Prilep:


Theatre festival Vojdan Cernodrinski
Beer festival
Center of Contemporary Visual Arts
International festival of folk instruments and songs "Pece Atanasovski" 


We suggest you to try our traditional Shirdan.

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