Mountain biking


Mountain biking


Mountain baking is a growing sport in Macedonia, where there are literally thousands of off-road and dirt tracks. Each mountain club rents out bicycles and organizes regional mountain-bike tour and smaller local tours. As a clubs they also promote developing biking trails in Macedonia as well as local sustainable tourism to historical and natural sites of interest.

The daily rewards for your efforts are majestic: views that stop the breath and remain as visual reminders of Macedonia's sublime beauty, other worldly mountain villages with charming architecture preserved from a time past, an array of flora and fauna endemic to these unique Balkan mountains, and fresh as dew, clear as crystal glacial lakes that dazzle the mind.


Biking trails:


  1. Bicycle Path - Banjani - Radishani
  2. Bicycle Path - Berovo
  3. Bicycle Path - Popova Shapka - Source of River Pena
  4. Bicycle Path - Mariovo
  5. Bicycle Path - Radishani
  6. Bicycle Path - Popova Shapka - Lesnica - Shipkovitsa


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