Shopping centers and markets


Old Bazaar


Even though some parts of the old bazaar have been destroyed to make streets and parking lots, it still is the largest one in the Balkans. It has developed and changed during the centuries but it still has its original use as a shopping place.

The old bazaar was never used for living, it always was a shopping area and contact zone of the Christian and the Muslim population as they lived in separate parts of the town. It is a structure of many streets lined with small shops. The crafts were divided between the Christians and the Muslims.

All the shops used to be same size no matter if they belonged to a Christian or a Muslim. Each street hosted different craft, and all stores from that craft were on one street (for example gold street, shoes street, pots street, dress street, etc).


The stores were closed with wooden shutters which were lowered when the stores were opened and the goods were displayed on them. The old bazaar was surrounded with markets.

Hygienic care was taken and different markets were placed on opposite sides of the bazaar (for example the food market was on the opposite side of the bazaar from the animal market; milk, milk products and honey market opposite from the wood market etc).

Beside the stores there were other objects in the old bazaar too, like amams (Turkish baths), hans (hotels), mosques, and some churches.

The outside walls were usually were surrounded with stores so no space would be wasted. Even today it is hard to spot some of this object.  


Bit Pazar


The biggest of the green markets in Skopje. It begins where the bazaar ends and has existed on the same spot for hundreds of years.

A walk around can be fun, but you can also get cheap fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, cheese, teas, spices and flowers.

Another good green market to visit is the Green Market (Zeleno Pazarce), near the Parliment Building and Bunjakovec Market near the Cathedral.


Skopje City Mall


The biggest mall in Skopje. You can find international brands, like Zara, Mango, Springfield, Pull&Bear, Bershka, New Yorker, DM drugstore, and Carrefour supermarket.

There is a Cineplexx cinema, and a bowling bar.  


Ramstore Mall


An American looking mall, with some nice shops, restaurants, cafes and cinema.  




The biggest shopping center in the city. It was made in the 1970s by Zivko Popovski. It includes cafes, restaurants, bars, banks, shops,and even has a bowling court.


Super VERO Center


Boulevard Kuzman Josifovski - Pitu. Another American-looking mall recently completed and part of the VERO network.

Very spacious with a huge supermarket, a few restaurants and cafes, the huge Jumbo shop (Target-like), and all kinds of small shops for clothing, accessories, T-Mobile/T-Home, ONE and VIP salons etc. It has good parking.  




A new shopping center with very nice cafes, bar, and shops. It can be found in the Aerodrom municipality of Skopje. Many young people from the city come to spend their extra time here.

Shops include mobile phones, electronics, clothes and banks. There is also a supermarket across the street.   




This is one of the malls were everybody can find something to buy.

It is in one of the busiest thoroughfares in Skopje. In includes many shops and boutiques. 


City Gallery


New shopping center in Skopje with lots of quality fashion stores   


Capitol Mall


CAPITOL RESIDENCE is an essential part of multipurpose business - residential complex CAPITOL MALL & RESIDENCE, located in the heart of the municipality of Aerodrom in Skopje. 

With the construction of Capitol Mall & Residence the surrounding location of the premises increase their value and whereabouts’, because its area amplify the trade and business capacity and, of course, increasing the offer and competitiveness on the market. 

The complex itself gives significance to the living standards of the citizens, making it attractive and urban, with variety of trademarks, supermarket, restaurant and Fast-food area, Kids center, Fitness club, reserved and free parking lot ant different other services. Simply said: Capitol Mall & Residence brings a new life style in Skopje and Macedonia.

The design of the apartments reflects the well-known quality in construction of the investor - City Plaza company, with carefully considered architectural details and rational solutions.

Capitol Mall & Residence was created with a single idea in mind: to be an oasis of comfortable living for its residents – active busy people who appreciate the quality of the living environment for them and their children.


REM Mall Tetovo


text REM MAll Tetovo

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