The taste of Macedonia


The taste of Macedonia

Macedonia is a small country in the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, surrounded by land on all sides. Yes, every country has its own story about the sun, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the archaeological sites, the history, the tradition and the culture. Stories, more or less intriguing depending on the personal curiosity. However, the thread that connects everyone, the thread that weaves the hours spent in exploring and verifying any eventual story, colouring the day and the mood, is the segment that everyone takes for granted with pleasure - the food.

It provides a kind of an immediate taste of the history and the culture, the inevitable ingredient of the gastronomy art; undoubtedly one of the key elements of the material cultural heritage, one of the factors of a particular nation’s identity, of a certain geographical area. It is indeed an individual choice how one explores Macedonia. After all, as we have stated, Macedonia is a small country and it only takes from two to four hours drive to any particular destination.


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