Eastern Region

Information about the Eastern Region

Eastern Region

The Eastern Region of Macedonia is a valley, river and mountainous area that encompasses the basin of the river Bregalnica. The region includes the areas of the Maleshevia, Pijanec, Kocansko Pole and Slan Dol. There are 11 municipalities with 217 settlements in this region. Of these, 209 are rural and 8 are urban settlements (Stip, Kocani, Vinica, Pehcevo, Makedonska Kamenica, Delcevo, Probistip and Berovo). The administrative centre in this Eastern Region is Stip, with approximately 47.000 inhabitants.

Eastern Region

Hiking and fishing in the eastern region

The Eastern planning region is also popular for hiking and fishing. It has many mountains, of which the most famous are the Osogovo Mountains, with the highest peak Ruen (2,252 m), and there are many springs, rivers, ravine valleys, extensive pastures and forests. From the middle-height mountains the Maleshevski Mountains (1,749 m) and Plachkovica (1,754 m) are well-known. There are also the valleys and the fields - Berovska or Maleshevska, Delchevska or Pijanec, Kocansko Pole, Lakavichko Pole and Ovce Pole, then the ravines- Istibanjska and Razlovecka on the river Bregalnica, the ravines of Zletovska and Zrnovska Reka, as well as the picturesque canyon Kamnik on Radonjska Reka. There are also many rivers in this region, among which, the largest are Bregalnica (225 km long), Zletovska, Kochanska Reka, Kriva Lakavica and so on. The eastern region also has smaller waterfalls, the most famous of which are the Pehchevo Waterfalls. Artificial lakes are - Berovsko or Ratevsko, Kalimanci, Gratce and Zletovsko.

Eastern Region

Eastern region – spa and rural tourism

The region laid on the river Bregalnica - as Eastern planning region is also known for its developed spa and rural tourism. There are several spa baths from which the best known is the spa bath Kezovica, near Stip. Due to the rich and diverse natural configuration, there are also many rural settlements in the region that practice rural tourism. These are Lesnovo, Zletovo, Morodvis, Blatec, Zrnovci, Razlovci, Vladimirovo, Rusinovo, Novo Selo and so on.

Skiing in the eastern region – ponikva

An important centre for winter and sports activities is Ponikva (1,580 m), where there are ski paths, several accommodation facilities, holiday homes, restaurants and a mountain lodge. Skiing on Ponikva is especially recommended for beginner skiers. Other tourist and recreation centres and settlements are: Berovo, Ablanica, Ravna Reka, Golak, Plachkovica, Bela Voda and so on.

Eastern Region

Eastern region – archaeological sites

Well-known archaeological sites in the Eastern planning region are Bargala, Vinica Kale, Grncarica, Krupiste, Morodvis and so on. Bargala is a late antique settlement located 12 km north-west of Stip and which was mentioned as far as in 371. Shtip was mentioned for the first time in the Roman period of the III century under the name Astibo. During the Byzantium period the city was known as Stipion. The archaeological site of Chreshche, also called Hissar or Isar, is a fortress located on the outskirts of Shtip, where other famous sites in the area of cultural heritage are found. A well-known archaeological site from the early Neolithic period is Grncharica, near the village of Krupiste, where the oldest Neolithic human in the Balkans was discovered and the oldest inhabitant of Macedonia was found, approximately 7,000 years old. Morobizdon in the village of Morodvis, Kocani, as well as several churches built in the 14th century near Stip, such as "St. Archangel Michael "," St. John the Baptist "and" St. Spas. "

Eastern Region

Cultural and entertainment events

In the Eastern planning region, there are also many museums, and a number of famous cultural and entertainment events are held, such as – "Mak Fest" and "Pastrmajlijada" in Shtip, "Amaterski Dramski Smotri" and "Zdravozivo" in Kocani, "Days of rice" in the village of Orizari, "Goce Days" in Delchevo, "Zvegorska Surva" in the village of Zvegor, "Pijanecki Maleshevski Sredbi", "Ethno-Fest" in Berovo etc.

The Eastern region is connected with several road routes, the most important of which are Veles-Stip-Kocani-Kamenica-Delchevo-Pehchevo-Berovo, and also a significant road is the railway line from Veles via Stip to Kocani.

In this region there are numerous hotels, hostels, villas, boarding houses. Tourists can also be accommodated in private houses and apartments.

Eastern Region

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