Peshna Cave

Cave Peshna

Peshna is a cave in the Republic of Macedonia, which has been declared a cultural monument. The cave is located six kilometers from Makedonski Brod. According to speleologists, Peshna is a cave with the largest openings in the Balkans - the height of the hole is 40 meters and the width is 56 meters. The length of the cave is 124 meters. In the cave there are swallows nesting, and bats live in it. A witness of the beauty of the Peshna Cave is that New York Times compared it to Helms Deep from the Lord of the Rings.

Cave Peshna

From the far northern part of the cave, after strong rains and melting of the snow, a strong spring breaks out, which completely dries out during the dry periods of the year. According to the local population, the water goes down from the village of Krapa, which is at a higher altitude, and which forms several lakes and waterfalls in the "largest cave system in our country", which is assumed to be as long as ten kilometers.

Cave Peshna

At the entrance of the cave there is a medieval fortress and remains of a water mill. The remnants of the fortress in the cave are related to the site "Devini Kuli", which can be seen from the inside of the cave. According to local legends, the sisters of King Marko lived in both fortresses. Peshna is registered as a locality from the late antique period in Macedonia. Before the entrance to the cave itself an ancient tomb with an arch of bricks was discovered.

Cave Peshna

More information about Cave Peshna can be found on this website.

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