Sweet Closure




There is no better way to complete a good meal rather than giving in to the sweet pleasure of dessert.

The Macedonian cuisine has many traditional desserts.

One of them is “slatko” (food preserve) or jam, which according to ancient custom, are served to guests as an act of welcome. Different kinds of slatko can be prepared – strawberry, raspberry, apricot and wild berries – but especially characteristic is the slatko made of wild figs commonly prepared in southwestern Macedonia.

The Macedonian honey is all natural and has a special flavor thanks to our untouched meadows. The honey in the Macedonian cuisine is used as a spread and additive in sweets, and is also spread over roasted pumpkin.





A characteristically old dessert in Macedonia is the molasses which is produced from grape juice. It has a unique flavor and aroma, as well as healing qualities. The sweets and cakes in the past were prepared with molasses.

Furthermore, our specialties of pumpkin pie and poppy cake have to be tasted.

There is no house in Macedonia where the hosts will not serve you some dessert whose recipe has been kept for generations in their family, and with one purpose only: to sweeten your soul with some tasty and irresistible homemade dessert. 


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