Beer Festival - Beer Fest in Prilep

The town of Prilep has a tradition which has been carried over for ages from generation to generation. The craftsmanship, the old Bazaar, the song and dance. The spiritual culture, the creative works of art, music, the literature and the revolutional spirit are all unbreakable part of the life of all the citizens of Prilep. Thanks to all these positive characteristics, the town has built a tradition of consuming life itself. The old Bazaar as a special generator of enjoyment has modified the town into a place widely known and famous for its high quality grill, and the citizens-the best tasters to judge the best quality food. Since 1924 Prilep has its own brewery, so the citizens of Prilep has improved their taste for good beer to perfection. Beer Fest is a beer festival held in summer time in the city of Prilep , organized by the municipality of Prilep and commercial entities.The festival is open, held downtown and attended by famous producers of beer and local caterers. Visitors come from all over the Republic of Macedonia and neighboring countries.


The festival is known for good entertainment, barbecue and cold beer and of course the massive attendance.The festival has gained tradition and on the tourist map of Prilep has one of the most important places. The festival is place where the most popular music stars in the region have been guests. In 2009 the chief guest was Croatian singer Severina, in 2010 was Ceca, in 2011 Zdravko Cholich and in 2012 Lepa Brena.

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