Negorski Baths

Negorski Baths - natural thermal-mineral baths of volcanic origin

Negorski baths are located under the southeastern slopes of Mount Kozuf, 5 km northwest of the city of Gevgelija and 2 km from the village of Negorci, after which they received their name, at an altitude of only 60 meters. They are natural thermal -mineral baths of volcanic origin, spread over the Gevgelija area. The hydrothermal system is composed of many sources and holes. Unlike most baths in Macedonia that date from the Roman period, Negorski Baths is considered to have been first exploited by Shukri Pasha, who first built two pools here.

Negorski Baths

Spa tourism at Negorski Baths

There are two sources here: “hot bath”, with a temperature of 40 ° C and "cold bath" with a water temperature of 38 ° C. The spa complex covers an area of 25 hectares of fully wooded, landscaped and relatively well-arranged area. The spa is located in the immediate vicinity of the Skopje-Thessaloniki highway, adjacent to the international highway E-75. It has a double meaning, on the one hand, the bath is well connected with the other spatial units, and on the other hand, the bath is on a very important transit route, which allows it to be included as an offer in transit tourism.

Negorski Baths

The water capacity of Negorski Baths is about 100 liters per second. Temperature in various sources ranges from 36 to 50 degrees. According to the chemical composition, the water is of sodium-sulphate type, and in the vicinity of the baths there is a thermomineral mud. The water and mud have balneological effects for the treatment of nerve, rheumatic, post-traumatic conditions, soft tissue injuries.

Warm mineral water in Negorski Baths

The warm mineral water in Negorski Baths comes to the bath unchanged, conducted by sources using thermally insulated tubes, so as not to lose out of its natural heat. Its mineralization is the same as the source, when it is drunk from a glass. These are great advantages of Negorski Baths. Their bathing effect is mainly physical, which means that they act with their heat and hydrostatic pressure. The very fact that heat is equal to body heat is of great importance, because the water does not have to be heated or cooled.

Negorski Baths

Negorci mineral waters are known for treating a number of diseases including: rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases of the bones and headaches and spinal column, poststructural and postoperative conditions in orthopedics, osteoporosis, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the gastrointestinal system, as well as skin disorders, diseases of the urinary system, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, all forms of coronary disease and gynecological diseases. Based on the proven clinical success of pain therapy, bath treatments today are seen as equal to other opportunities. About 500 meters to the south of the mineral springs is the mineral mud on a larger surface. It is the only one in Macedonia and is successfully used in the health spa complex. The spa complex Negorski Banji has three hotels: "Jasen", "Iliden" and "Bozur" in which quality accommodation provides a pleasant stay for all guests.

More information about Negorski Baths can be found on this website.

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