Fishermen village Radozda

In the far southwestern part of Macedonia, the fishermen village Radozda is in the vicinity of the town of Struga. The village is characterized by serene tranquility, peaceful life and meek inhabitants. This beautiful village with a long history and a rich spiritual life is both created for pleasant moments and for complete comfort. All you need is to be left alone to the sounds of nature and to the gentle waves of the Lake Ohrid, where Radozda extends.


Cultural and natural sights in Radozda

Located at the foot of the rocky ridge, the village of Radozhda is characterized by several cultural and natural landmarks, and in its area there are seven holy temples. Central is the village church of St. Nikola, which was built in the 18th century. Other churches are: the oldest cave church St. Arangel Mihail, which is from the 14th century and the newer St.Petka, St.Nedela, St.Sreda, St.Ilija and St.Bogorodica. A newer sight is the 22-meter-high cross, located at the entrance to the village.


Another very important landmark is the preserved part of the Via Egnatia-winter route. It went through the distant southern regions through Albania and Macedonia, because the closer ones were full of snow in the winter period and thus impassable. About a hundred meters from the paved road that the peasants call cobblestone have been preserved. From the natural rarities, the most important thing is the lake itself, which according to its age is one of the oldest in the world. Another rarity is the rock above the village, which is about 70-80 meters high and about 300 meters long.

Tastefully prepared fish in Radozda

The stay in the village will also induce your appetite, especially after you try out the tastefully prepared fish. As soon as you enter and absorb the beauty of Radozda, in which the sun and sunset have a special color and offer a unique experience, enjoying in the peace, you will have an unusual feeling of intimacy, so you will undoubtedly want to keep the village just for yourself, as a secret that will live long in your memories and you will want to return to it, if not due to anything else, then due to the unique view of the turquoise blue color of the lake.


More informatio about Radozda can be found on this website.

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