Balcan Lynx


Lynx lynx

The Eurasian Lynx is a member of the cat family, and is the largest among lynxes. It is thought that in the Balkans there are only 100 or so individuals of this species, and the most critically endangered subspecies of the Balkan Lynx (Lynx lynx balcanicus) that lives in mountain regions in western Macedonia. The Balkan Lynx is the most endangered indigenous species, for which all measures for protection are taken. The lynx is legally protected, and the hunt is permanently forbidden.

This is a nocturnal animal that lives independently. Its sound is very quiet and is often inaudible, so its presence can easily stay unnoticed. Locals of villages in western Macedonia will tell you that it is often easier to find tracks of the lynx than to see it. This animal is considered a national symbol of Macedonia, and can be found at high elevations that are difficult to access. Do not give up. Take a camera and try to find the lynx in the wild world- the view that you’ll have will stay forever a part of you.

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