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NINGYO - Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls

Apr 26 2024

The Embassy of Japan and the Archaeological Museum will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral relations between Japan and N. Macedonia with the unique exhibition NINGYŌ.

Dolls are an indispensable part of our daily lives, but the diversity of dolls and their delicate craftsmanship, backed by a deep love of dolls, could be said to be the characteristics of Japanese doll culture. This exhibition presents a comprehensive introduction to Japanese doll culture, from Katashiro and Amagatsu, which are considered to be the archetypes of dolls in Japan, to local dolls that reflect the climate and anecdotes from across the country, to dress-up dolls that are beloved in Japan today as doll toys, and scale figures that are highly regarded around the world.


Ningyō means “doll” and “human shape” in Japanese, the doll culture that has been cultivated over the long history of Japan will be introduced through a total of 67 carefully selected dolls, divided into 4 sections: “Ningyō to pray for children’s growth,” “Ningyō as fine art,” “Ningyō as folk art,” and “Spread of Ningyō culture.” We appreciate that each doll on this traveling exhibition would be warmly welcomed all over the world, and that many audiences would experience the charm of Japanese dolls. The exhibition is organized by the Japan Foundation, Archaeological Museum and the Embassy of Japan with support of the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia.

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