Jun 07 2023

OFFest was established in 2002 as a second festival, which grew up from the long-established tradition of the Skopje Jazz Festival. The main idea was to create another important music event in a different period of the year, and in terms of music genres, more wide-oriented. It was natural to start OFFest in the decades of full globalization that resulted in raising creativity, popularity, and awareness of the so-called "world music". OFFest presents a variety of music from all continents, focusing on different categories, from traditional, ethno, folk, roots, to urban, contemporary and experimental music styles. A lot of renowned artists from all over the world performed throughout OFFest history. Alongside big-name acts in the world and indigenous music scenes, in the third decade of the festival, the mission remains - to rediscover and introduce less well-known musical styles and traditions, and to explore the intersection between old and new. OFFest is a member of the prestigious Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (FWMF), a network of festivals sharing the vision that the world is a patchwork of a multitude of local traditions and music, each different in expression and content yet equal in value. OFFest is organized by the non-governmental, non-profit cultural organization Skopje Jazz Festival.


The 22nd edition of OFFest will take place from 7 to 10 of June at the National Opera and Ballet and MKC, presenting eight concerts and one documentary film screening. The festival will open with the impressive audio-visual show by the extraordinary fado star MÍSIA. The fascinating power of the modern Estonian folk queen MARI KALKUN, combined with the magnificent interpretation of the Macedonian traditional music by ZARINA PRVASEVDA and her group, create conditions for a perfect festival experience. The original mix of desert guitar blues and trance rhythms of the Italian Taranta by the magical tandem JUSTIN ADAMS & MAURO DURANTE will intercept the sophisticated introspective lyricism and the irresistible charm, talent and vision of the Macedonian New Yorker KRSTE RODZEVSKI.

The mysterious aura of the cult Czech couple IRENA & VOJTECH HAVLOVI will be witnessed by their unique concert journey, and the screening of the documentary film "Little Blue Nothing: A musical portrait of Irena and Vojtech Havlovi". OFFest 2023 will be completed by the performances of two furious and extremely exciting music acts: the new world-music sensation BAB L' BLUZ with their psychedelic Moroccan funk-rock, as well as the nine-member orchestra of the legendary Congolese rumba guitarist DIZZY MANDJEKU & THE ODEMBA OK ALL STARS.


7 June National Opera and Ballet | 20:00 MÍSIA (Portugal)

8 June National Opera and Ballet | 20:00 MARI KALKUN (Estonia) ZARINA PRVASEVDA (N. Macedonia)

9 June National Opera and Ballet | 20:00 JUSTIN ADAMS & MAURO DURANTE (UK/Italy) KRSTE RODŽEVSKI (N. Macedonia)

10 June MKC Kino Frosina | 19:00 Little Blue Nothing (documentary film) IRENA & VOJTĚCH HAVLOVI (Czech Republic) MKC Dancing Hall | 22:00 BAB L’ BLUZ (Morocco/France) DIZZY MANDJEKU & THE ODEMBA OK ALL STARS (DR Congo/Belgium)

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