Dec 01 2023

The National Gallery, in occasionn of celebration 75 years of existence announces Annual Program for 2023.

The exhibition "Motherhood" - works from the collection of the National Gallery and will be placed in the space of Cifte Hamam, on March 7th. It presents a selected selection of Macedonian and foreign authors, who mostly belong to the first generations of artists, and deal with the theme of mother and mother with child. The selection includes works that are part of the rich collection of the National Gallery.

March 30, 2023 is for the Landscape Experiences project by Robert Jankuloski and Monica Motesca, representatives of last year's 59th Venice Biennale.

The performance will be in Cifte Hamam. It is a multimedia project that includes video installations, objects and photographs. The "aesthetics" of abandoned (neglected) landscapes, placed in a new context, with new layers of transcription of the dispositifs life-death, beautiful-ugly, healthy-poisonous, are also present in the previous researches of the artists, and in the project”

Golden Darkness, a solo exhibition of the artist from Kosovo, Eshref Qalili, will also be realized in April 2023, in the Multimedia Center Mala Stanica. The opening is planned for April 20, 2023. The exhibition will contain paintings from the latest cycle in oil on canvas technique. He is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions such as the "Golden Globe" at the National Museum in Pristina (Kosovo), 2012. Aneta Svetieva, Daut Pashin Hamam, from May 10, 2023 until the end of August - the exhibition of artistic work.

Aneta Svetieva is one of the authors who left a strong mark in the development of contemporary Macedonian sculpture with her characteristic stylistic expression in which the anthropological and ethnological influences based on her knowledge and research as a professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.

On May 25, 2023, the exhibition "Bennetton Geometric" will be opened in Mala Stancia, as an independent presentation of Vasko Gagović.

May 2023, project Sustainability, an exhibition from the collection of the National Gallery of Kosovo

The National Gallery of Kosovo has a rich collection of fine art works by the most important modern, postmodern and contemporary Kosovar artists. A section of the most significant achievements from this collection to be presented in the National Gallery of North Macedonia would mean a lot in the context of getting to know the history and continuity of the art of Kosovo in the last and the beginning of this century.


Retrospective exhibition of Vladimir Temkov in Cifte Hamam will be presented starting from June 22, 2023. All phases of Vladimir Temkov's work are planned to be exhibited at the exhibition, where the work from the completion of the FLU and the beginnings of his activity to his recent works created today will be conceptually presented in separate rooms.

On August 31, 2023, Dimitrie Duratsovski will present a solo exhibition Dimitrie Duratsovski is an unusual phenomenon in contemporary Macedonian art, he is a solitary but intellectually curious creator who lives and works in Struga. In an effort to form a complete vision of the world, he uses the expressive means and possibilities of painting, drawing and the written word. However, thought is the first and internally creative content of his works, which in some way reshapes artistic visions in our consciousness.

"Bathing" exhibition by Stefan Shashkov in collaboration with Dorian Jovanovic in Cifte Hammam on September 5, 2023 The bathhouse, i.e. its function at the given time, was a public space where the body was purified, but also the exchange of information from the daily life of the bazaar. With this project, in a symbolic way, we continue the tradition of the hammam, as a place for purification, adding a new dimension, which is the purification of perception with light and audio-visual "cosmetic" means. The light-visual part will contain animations and videos that will be projected on the walls, floor and ceiling, and the audio will be a live sonic performance performed on smartphones and tablets.

The project “Cosmology" by the renowned Macedonian author Simon Shemov is on September 7, 2023, in Daut Pashin Hamam. This exhibition will present his latest artistic creations related to the theme of Cosmos and the Earth-Cosmos relationship, real-imaginary, space, time, proportions and distance. Shemov has been exploring this issue for years, and in his previous works, but this time they are the central focal point. Shemov develops the research and metaphysics of the cosmos in several different media, from paper, canvas, drawing, and the exhibition will also include a video work”.

A retrospective -monographic exhibition of painter Mile Korubin, a jubilee exhibition on the occasion of 100 years since his birth 1922-2022, is scheduled for September 28, 2023 in Chifte Hamam.. Mile Korubin is considered one of the most important authors in the development of contemporary Macedonian fine art, a harbinger of postmodernism who, through his characteristic fine art manuscript, constant research and experimentation in search of freeing the fine art expression, contributed to the affirmation and development of new fine art tendencies

Mitko Panov, October 2023, Multimedia center Mala Stanica Mitko Panov 's exhibition is designed to show two elements of his work - painting and film, in this case - short film or video art, and one of those short films is " With Raised Hands " , a short film that won the " Golden Palm " in Cannes.

Collective Zero “Nomen est Omen-Zero Random “in Multimedia center Mala Stanica;

Collective Ø group, was created ex nihilo or from "zero". That is why it returns again and again and again and again, because what does not exist cannot be destroyed, regardless of how much we ourselves, the members, or its friends or enemies tried to deconstruct it and make it disappear. But that which no longer exists cannot disappear. Perhaps the best means of social balance would be an endless tolerance of all non-violent concepts of arrangement of all authentic cultures and cultural groupings. "Giardini ", a solo exhibition of fine artist Ervin Katovic in Mala Stancia in November 2023 The exhibition of the fine artist Ervin Qatovic will contain about twenty paintings, in acrylic technique on canvas. The author is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pristina, where he also completed his postgraduate studies. He has held over thirty solo exhibitions in the region and beyond, Berlin, Tivat, Podgorica, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Sombor, and Nis.

Exhibition of Tome Ajievski “Lucky and Poor" is scheduled for November 2-nd in Chifte Hamam. Iit is consists of several sculptures - objects made of natural materials, stone, unfinished pieces of stone sculptures, red earth (packed in plastic bags), a few porcelain plates and other inexpensive material. The main concept of the new works in the project is “Artificial randomness in the setting of the works" that is, a simulation of the “intact aesthetics" from the "accidental work" from 1995, in which the author recognizes as the source of creation, i.e. "the art of the very beginning".

November 9, 2023, Daut Pashin Amam -Risto Kalchevski 1933-2023 - Jubilee exhibition on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of his birth. The jubilee exhibition will present painting opus that went through several different discourses. Risto Kalchevski is considered one of the most significant authors in the development of Macedonian contemporary art, the most characteristic representative of abstract painting in Macedonia, who through his specific artistic handwriting, the fruit of constant research and experimentation in search of the liberation of artistic expression, contributed to the affirmation and development of the new artistic tendencies of the Macedonian art scene.

December 2023, Goce Nanevski project "On the Edge" in collaboration with Dorian Milovanovic is an interdisciplinary research project that locates its interest in the aspects of the state "on the edge" (in the literal sense) and the consequences caused by it. December 20, just like the beginning, is dedicated to a wonderful lady, Retrospective exhibition 110 years since the birth of Lena Stefanova “in Cifte Hamam. Lena Stefanova belongs to the time of the beginnings of modernism and its post-impressionist tendencies. Her main subjects are landscape, still life, flowers, human nature, especially portrait and self-portrait. Apart from watercolour, these themes are worked on and presented in drawing and oil technique. She was the first Macedonian contemporary painter. She did not have an independent exhibition during her life. Her two solo exhibitions were held posthumously. .



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