1day Macedonian Evening tour

Macedonia has five significant features that make it known to tourists – long history, beautiful nature, hospitality, food/drinks and folklore. The purpose of this program is to introduce the guests to the traditions of the Macedonian population, particularly from the perspective of gastronomy, old dances and music. In a wonderful ambiance, surrounded by nature, entertained by the ensemble members, you will have a unique opportunity to learn some basics of the dance, known by every citizen of this small country. Above all, the Macedonian evening will offer you an opportunity to taste the delicious specialties of the old cuisine.



Macedonia is the land of peppers – with approximately 2,000 recipes including peppers, beans, cabbage, water melon, grapes, cherries and apples. Macedonia is proud to have the best eggplant in the world and the purest, ecological yellow cheese. In addition, Macedonia has a renowned wine region, which provides the guests with an opportunity to taste various sorts of wine and rakija (grape brandy). The guests will also be able to enjoy in and learn about instruments typically played in this region – zurla, drum, bagpipe, accordion, violin, flute, tambourine. Members of the folk dances ensemble, dressedin traditional costumes will perform dances to the well-known Macedonian measure 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 13/8. At the end, the dancers will offer assistance to every guest to take the opportunity and learn the oro – Macedonian dance, or the so called crab walk (three steps forward, one backward).

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