The Kratovo City Museum



The Museum was founded in 1993 and today it is a local institution whose competence is to provide protection, preservation and promotion of the cultural-historical heritage of the area of the city of Kratovo and its wider surroundings.

Since 2008 the Clock Tower has been assigned to the Museum as a space to be managed and to be maintained. The Clock Tower is one out of the six towers that survived medieval and Turkish period of the city.



In the Museum in Kratovo several departments are established such as: ethnological, archaeological, and historical and later a conservatory department. In the last 15 years the museum employees have made a big step forward in the development of the museum activity in Kratovo with the fact that more than 1000 ethnological, historical and archaeological museum objects have been collected, processed and exhibited.

Since 2005 Museum of the city of Kratovo has been a municipal institution that includes the museum collections in the two cultural-historical monuments.



The Museum of the city of Kratovo has the following localities and settings: Stone dolls - Kuklitsa Kratovsko village, Clock tower, Simikj Tower, Golden Tower, Ethnological exhibition in the Museum of the city of Kratovo, Clock Tower and the Simikj Tower.

At the Clock Tower is settled the permanent collection Kratovo through the centuries. In this Tower is souvenir shop which sells souvenirs made in Katovo and its surroundings as well as travel guides and touristic offers. On the top floor there is a Kratovo room where all guests coming to Kratovo stay to drink coffee or tea.



At the Simikј tower is settled permanent collection for Karposh upraising from 1689, the exhibition “Undiscovered testimony” and a souvenir shop. The entrance fee for the Museum cost: 30 denars for domestic visitors, 60 denars for foreign visitors, 20 denars for children and youth.

More info at:Музеј-На-Град-Кратово/100069212263899/


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