The Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia



The Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia displays movable cultural heritage, more precisely over 7.000 valuable artefacts discovered through archaeological investigations throughout the entire territory of Macedonia. Since 1924 this Museum is the most significant and the oldest museum institution in North Macedonia.

The visitors can enjoy the artefacts exhibited in the departments of: Prehistoric Archaeology, Antiquity, Medieval Archaeology, Numismatics, Anthropology and the Lapidarium. Large number of the displayed artefacts in this institution are exclusive worldwide. The existing Culture and Cultural Heritage Laws register the largest part of this fund as a cultural heritage of particular importance.



In 2015, the Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia was placed among the 15 best museums in Europe, winning seventh place, according to the European Museum Academy. The first archaeological collection was established in 1920 within the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

In 1924 a museum institution was organized, The Historical-Archaeological Museum with a Lapidarium and it was located in Kurshumli An. During World War II, 1941-1944, also in Kurshumli An, the institution existed as the National Museum – Skopje. During this period, more precisely, in 1945, the Museum was organized in three departments: archaeological, ethnographical and medieval.



With the reorganization of the museums in FNR Yugoslavia, the Archaeological Museum was established from the National Museum in Skopje, as a separate institution on a national level. From 1945 to 1963 the Archaeological Museum was located in the old building of the military barracks in the Skopje Fortress. In 1955, the permanent exhibition of stone monuments – the Lapidarium was opened, and it was located in the adapted stables of Kurshumli An.

From 1963-1976, i.e. immediately after the catastrophic earthquake in Skopje in 1963, the Archaeological Museum was located in the barracks of Kurshumli An. In 1976 new museum complex was launched, where the Archaeological Museum was located until 2014.



In 2012 NI Archaeological Museum of Macedonia – Skopje was established as a new parent institution in the field of archeology. After more than three decades in 2014 the Archaeological Museum of Republic of North Macedonia got its modern museum space in the center of Skopje.,, Working time: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 АМ - 6:00 PM. On Monday the museum is closed. Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov b.b 1000 Skopje.


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