Vranec & Kratoshija



The most important and leading variety for red wine production in Macedonia is the Vranec. It originates from a natural interbreeding and is found in large quantities in the wine growing areas of the Povardarie region. It can also be found in smaller quantities in Macedonia’s other wine growing areas. The grape has a dark red color and it has best yields on moderate, fertile and humid soils.

The young Vranec wines have a light purple color, with an aroma of strawberry jam and wild berries. The mature medium bodied and strong wines have an intense ruby red color, which is rich in extracts. This wine has a harmony of complex aromas similar to wild berries, rich tannins, chocolate and liquor. The Vranec wine served at room temperature pairs well with all Macedonian dishes, as well as with red meat, game, barbeque and smoked meat.

Kratoshija is a variety of grape that has a long history in Macedonia. It’s believed that within Macedonia’s territory it has been grown since ancient times, when wine was poured in amphora and sent to the noblemen. Despite the fact that it was nearly extinct, the Kratoshija has survived and the wine makers have turned it into a top quality variety.

The Kratoshija has a high wine pedigree and is one of the best known types of red grapes in Macedonia. It ripens in late September in the Povardarie region, and even later in other regions. It requires mildly fertile and humid soils and withstands the dryness by developing a sugary taste and more intense color. 

The Kratoshija wines are mildly strong with 11-12 percent alcohol. This wine is dry and red and  has a dark red color with a rich harmony of flavor and aroma. It is best combined with all types of barbequed meat and piquant cheese. We recommend serving it at a temperature of 18 do 20 degrees. 

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