The Temjanika is a variety of grape whose origin is not precise, and it is thought to come from the Middle East. It is one of the oldest and most widespread varieties throughout the world and in Macedonia it can be found in the Tikvesh region. The variety’s name comes from its intense smell of thyme.

The Temjanika ripens in late August or early September on light and mildly humid soils. It is the best Muscat variety for warm wine growing regions and has an average yield. The grape has a thick, hard skin with greenish-yellow color, with rusty colored dots on the side that receives sun. The juice is colorless with an intense Muscat aroma. 

The Temjanika gives high-quality, semi-dry and dessert Muscat wines. The Temjanika wine has an intense yellowish-gold color with nuances of green and its fresh taste is felt for a long time. Main aromas are those of Muscat and are spicy, while aromas of apricot, dry plum and orange crest can also be felt.

The Temjanika wine is served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, and can be consumed with light food, white meat, seafood and desserts. However, bearing in mind that it has rich aroma, it can also be served and consumed individually. 

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