Macedonia has many authentic sorts of grapes which are grown in the region, however, only one of them can be found exclusively on Macedonian land. We are speaking of Stanushina, an old variety of grape that can be found in the Tikvesh region.

The main feature of this variety is its durability. There was a period in the past when it was about to become extinct because no one paid it any attention, but it survived.

This variety of grape is used for production of high quality wine.

The vines of the Stanushina ripen quite late, yet the cold does not affect the good yield. When taken to the cellar, the grape requires special attention and serious commitment. On a good year, it can produce a wine with mean strengths of 11 to 12 percent alcohol.

The wine has an intense aroma of strawberry, raspberry, and the fruity notes are best enjoyed when the wine is consumed young at 10 to 16°C. It’s an excellent choice to combine it with light and creamy puddings. The main features of the wine are mostly expressed when served with lettuce, sarma, stuffed bell peppers or some light dishes.

The color of the wine made of Stanushina is characteristically pale, but it has a rich extract and high acidity level which give the beverage an exquisite freshness. People with refined taste adore this wine and never miss the opportunity to grab a bottle of wine for themselves when visiting Macedonia.

Taste this valuable wine from the only endemic Macedonian grape. After one sip you’ll realize that you taste part of the Macedonian history embedded in the grape. 

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