Smederavka and Zhilavka



The leading grape variety for production of white wines in Macedonia is Smederevka. This variety is one of the oldest in the Balkans, and in the Macedonian grape growing areas it’s most common in the Povardarie region. Smederevka ripens late (early October) and it usually gives a great yield. Since it is sensitive to low temperatures, it should be grown in warm wine growing regions in healthy and deep soils. The grapes have thin, translucent, and hard skin with greenish-yellow color; its taste is juicy and pleasant.

The wine produced from Smederevka has a smooth flavor with a fine wine aroma. Smederevka is a table wine and is best served at a temperature of 8-10°Сwith light appetizers, white meat, cheese, fish and green seasonal salads. During Macedonia’s hot summer days, Smederevka is mixed with soda and served as a spritzer.

Zhilavka is a type of grape found in the warm wine growing regions of Veles, Ovche Pole and Tikvesh. Grown on weak, rocky, limy and dry soils, Zhilavka ripens late. This sensitive grape has a characteristic thin and translucent skin of a greenish-yellow color. The grape is juicy and sweet and beautifully refreshing with a fruity flavor and aroma that produces top quality wines. 

The wine produced of Zhilavka has an aroma that is characteristic for this breed. This dry white wine has a full body and is best served at temperature of 10 to 12 degrees. We recommend it with seafood, pasta, white meat, cheese, appetizers based on cheese, and with desserts. 

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