The specific grape variety Prokupec is a forgotten Balkan grape that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. In Macedonia it can be usually found in limited areas, such as Pelagonija, Polog, Pchinja and Osogovo region.

This variety ripens very late and the skin is thick and dark-blue in color. It has an extremely rich yield. The Prokupec requires fertile and mildly humid soils, and on dry and weak soils it can suffer from dryness.

The Prokupec grown in good conditions is a good base for reinforcement of red wines, making it appropriate for mixing with other red wines.

The Prokupec represents a harmony of color, aroma and taste. It is a light, well-colored, and easy-drinking wine.

This fresh wine usually has a 10 to 13 percent alcohol content. It has a ruby red color and the aromas are a combination of cherry and sour cheery. It is best served at a temperature of 16-18°C with light appetizers, pasta and boiled vegetables. 

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