Prespa Lake


Rich environment with endemic bird species

Prespa Lake, which was created in the time of Pliocene, is one of the clearest lakes in the world. Its surface is 276.7 km2 and it sits at an altitude of 853 meters. It is interesting that the level of the water oscillates. The lake is losing its water because of the limestone structure of Mt. Galichica  and it flows into Ohrid Lake at St. Naum and Biljanini Izvori. The lake gets water from underwater sources and several rivers that flow into it.   

The environment is rich with endemic bird species. There are herons, gulls and the little grebe in its shallow waters.

The only island in Macedonia – the Island of Golem Grad, is in Prespa Lake. It is 750 meters long and 450 meters wide. It represents a natural rarity and is a reserve of rare plants and unique flora and animal species. It is known as Zmiski Ostrov (the Island of Snakes) because there are a lot of water snakes, grass snakes, and the toxic Vipera ammodytes, which can be found on the upper side of the island.



The island can be reached from two sides, where there are cracks in the rocks. Pelicans live there for six months of the year, but cormorants are most numerous as the island is an ideal place for breeding.  Foya (a kind of pine tree) grows on the island, and its semi-dry stems are older than a thousand years. In the past, traditional boats were made of this tree. 

Prespa region is characterized by many sunny days and on the coast of Prespa Lake there are several beautiful sand beaches. Here you are surrounded with mountains lush with rich vegetation. The mountains combined with the clear lake will move you, continuously inviting you to swim and relax.


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