Dojran Lake



Blue-green algae are most prevalent with the phytoplankton in the lake. In August and September of their mass is so high that the entire surface of the lake is covered with water flower. Dojran abounds in fish and largest fresh water production in Europe. Fish fauna in Dojran is represented by 15 types, one of which is endemic.



Legend of the existence of the lake says that the space where it is today, in ancient times, there was a well from which people from fill some water. After taking some water, they closed the well with nine locks. One day, most beautiful young girl from that region came for water, the girl named Dojrana. Near the well was the man she was in loved with. She filled water, but elated by caressing the boy forgot to close the ninth padlock. Water from the well began to flow through the whole valley. That is how the formation of the lake begins and got its name after girl Dojrana.

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