Debar Baths

Debar Baths - Banjishte and Kosovrasti

Debar is a small town in western Macedonia, but with a long history. The Debar region is rich in various thermo-mineral waters, which are located in the villages of Banjishte and Kosovrasti, where today two modern spa centers are located under the same names. Although there are many legends about these sources, the oldest testament to the existence of balneotherapy in this region are the two ancient pools in Banjishte. They were built in 1797 by Hadji Mujedin, son of Numan Efendi, members of the old Oruchi Zade Debar family of 1010. These pools have been recently renovated and can be visited.

Debar baths were founded on February 21, 1948, as the best spa resort in the former Yugoslavia, the doors of which were opened only to politicians, army generals and the high class of society. The claims that these spas were the best were confirmed in the 70s of the last century. At a time when the Debar region was visited by an expert team composed of doctors, geologists and physicists from France and Germany. Reports from the scientific studies that were conducted, pointed out that thermo-mineral waters in the city of Debar, contain about 4 grams of various minerals per 1 liter of water, an amount that today no other thermo-mineral spring in Europe has. The mineral structure is unique, and the water is classified as the most healing in this continent.

Дебарски бањи - Бањиште

Debar baths – waters "giving life"

Debar baths are a renowned center for rehabilitation, recreation and relaxation. The thermal and mineral waters of the Debar baths have the optimum temperature, as well as various useful minerals for the human body sulfur, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium etc. The temperature of the water is 39 ° C in Banjiste and Kosovrasti 41 ° C. It is offered as 100% natural and is not cooled or heated as in other baths. It is also very rich in negative ions and belongs to the category of "Alive Waters", the waters that "give life" and have magical abilities to treat various diseases.


The Kosravasti bath is located at the foot of the mountain Krchin, right next to the river Radika near Debar. The source has a capacity of about 60 l/sec. The water temperature is 48 degrees. It is characterized as sulfur-sulphide with a high degree of radioactivity and the presence of sulfuric bacteria and algae suitable for treatment and for scientific purposes. With these features the water is used to treat multiple diseases, such as increased blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, diabetes, skin diseases, respiratory infections.

Дебарски бањи - Косоврасти

The bath Kosovarasti, is a modern resort with 75 modern rooms, all with a view towards Debar Lake. The beautiful nature, the high mountains, the canyon of the Radika River, the Debar Lake Spilje and the walking paths are the most suitable place for relaxing walks, as well as for those who are looking for adventures and challenges. Water rich in health has proven for centuries that it is the only solution for treating various diseases. The Bath Kosovrasti has a professional medical team, which applies the old natural factors, as well as the most recent achievements in medicine. The results are carefully monitored and compared with the planned ones.

More information about Debar Baths can be found on this website.


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