Natural monuments

Natural monuments


Macedonia is the Land of the View. With its beauty, this country will leave you breathless and will open your eyes; you will see what you haven’t seen, you will feel everything that you haven’t experienced. Within our 25,713 square kilometres, you will find various forms of nature: mountain massifs, volcanic relief creations, gorges, canyons, caves, etc. In Macedonia you will find an intertwining of different colors from endless blue lakes, green dense forests, and warm hues of colourful valleys in spring or glorious whiteness of snow during the winter.


Here we can distinguish four different climate types. Summers are dry and hot, and winters are cold and humid. The number of sunny days is from 230 up to 280 per year. There are three national parks in the country. Almost half of the territory in Macedonia is mountainous area. There are 26 mountain massifs with around 80 mountains and mountain branches, and 16 mountains are higher than 2,000 meters. From the caves, the most remarkable is the underwater cave Vrelo with 212 meters depth and Slatina Cave with a length of 800 meters.


Macedonia's territory is rich in many resources, rivers, lakes and spas. About two percent of the territory is under water. In Macedonia there over 30 rivers, three tectonic lakes (the largest lake is Ohrid Lake), 43 glacial lakes and artificial lakes (the largest artificial lake is Tikvesh Lake). Macedonia abounds with rich fauna and a few endemic species. Ohrid Lake is 4 million years old and represents one of the oldest in the world. The lake is also one of the largest reservoirs of potable water in Europe. It is protected as a natural heritage by UNESCO and represents an ecosystem with more than 200 endemic species, including the famous Ohrid trout.


In Macedonia you can feel the beauty of clear waters, climb big mountains and stop on the high peaks, explore caves, climb rocks, drive through beautiful landscapes by bike, decide to ski at ski centres, or you can simply observe the greatest sights and landmarks of nature. Choose whatever you want, it is impossible to make a mistake!


Natural monuments:

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