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Debar Lake - a different place that hides a special magic

When you decide to go to Ohrid along the Mavrovo road, you can take a turn for a moment from the desired destination and let the road lead you to a different place that hides a special magic. Along the road to Debar, you will be blinded by the translucent blue color of Debar Lake, but you will also be a little surprised by the smell of sulphur. Hardly anyone would think that Debar Lake, that fits into the natural landscape at the mouth of the rivers Crni Drim and Radika, is an artificial lake. Debar Lake or Spilje - an artificial lake in the western part of Macedonia, south of Debar, at the place where the river Radika flows into the river Crn Drim near the area of Spilje Bridge. It is located near the Macedonian-Albanian border. It has an area of 13.2 km², it is 92 m deep and has an altitude of 580 m. It is used as an accumulation for HPP "Spilje".

Debar Lake

Debar Lake for passionate fishermen

Located in the Debar valley, five kilometers from Debar, Debar Lake has the largest amount of water in Macedonia. The height of the dam on the lake is 102 meters and it is located at an altitude of 587 meters. The minimum temperature of the lake is 3 degrees Celsius, and the maximum goes up to 23.9 degrees. Debar Lake is the favorite lake among passionate fishermen, not only among the domestic ones, but also among those from the neighboring countries. Those who have not been hunting for carp or chub in Debar Lake, according to many are not true fishermen. Not far from the east coast of Debar Lake is the Debar Island, located about 1 km northwest of the village of Pralenik.

Debar Lake for passionate fishermen

Debar baths

In the vicinity of the Debar villages of Banjiste and Dolno Kosovrasti are the famous Debar baths "Capa" even more familiar as bath Banjiste and bath Kosovrasti. The water in the center is thermo-mineral with an optimum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. According to recent research, the water that springs near the Debar Baths Capa, according to its healing properties, is placed as first in the world. The Kosovrasti bath has the richest sulphurous water in Europe, with a temperature of plus 40 degrees Celsius. Particularly special is the Debar Spa Center with exceptional fangotherapy, which uses mud from the thermo-mineral source itself, and is then processed in a special machine. Mud is used for an anti-cellulite effect, but also for the treatment of various types of diseases. Besides spa treatment, the spa complex offers the opportunity for rehabilitation and relaxation.

Debar Lake Debar baths

Rajcicki monastery with a view towards Debar Lake

The monastery "St. Gjorgji Pobedonosec" is located two kilometers from Debar and is the metoh of the Bigorski monastery "St. John the Baptist". Racicki Monastery has a beautiful view towards Debar Lake. The monastery dates from the eighteenth century. The central monastery temple, dedicated to Saint George, was built in 1835. Today in it there is a particle of the Cross on which the Savior was crucified, the Lord Jesus Christ and part of the hand of St. George, that arrived at the monastery in November 2003 from Mount Athos. In the temple there is a carved iconostasis, which was made in 1835, a royal panel from the 19th century and on the iconostasis there is a cross with the Crucifixion of Christ in carving, which dates back to the 16th century. The fresco painting in the church was started in 1835 by Michail and the monk Daniil (son of Michail, whose secular name was Dimitar). It was finished in the period from 1840 to 1852 by Dicho Zograf.

Debar Lake Rajcicki monastery with a view towards Debar Lake

More information about Debar Lake can be found on this website.


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