Berovo Lake

Berovo Lake-pearl of Malesevo Mountains

Berovo Lake extends along pine trees and deciduous trees. The mysterious, peaceful and meek landscape painting adorns the Maleshevo Mountains. They are part of an untouched nature concealed in the pine and deciduous forest, where Berovo Lake is peacefully calm. There, a man simply inhales the sight that has peacefully spread around him, marveling at all that beauty that is a paradise for the eyes and soul.

Berovo Lake or Ratevo Lake is an artificial lake located 2 km from the town of Berovo. It can be reached by a road passing through the thick pine forest. The nearest place where you can take a breath is the restaurant located along the lake with bungalows for accommodation of tourists and children's resort. Beside the lake there are houses available for rent, picnic areas, excellent recreation and sports areas. Berovo Lake provides fish lovers with conditions for recreational fishing. It abounds with various fish, including: trout, sharan, chub, barbel, carp. There are several restaurants that prepare good fish and have a magical view of the Berovo Lake, making you rest both the eyes and the soul and body.

Berovo Lake

Visit to Berovo Lake

If you want to refresh yourself in the waters of the Berovo Lake, the best time for you would be in the months of July and August. The surroundings of the lake abound with beautiful terrain for picnics, recreation and sports. In May you can witness the blossoming pines, and in July and August you can swim in the lake waters. There are five hiking trails, some of which can be reached by a bicycle. There is also a transversal path that connects the southernmost and northernmost part of the Maleshevija. It is 45 km in length and a height difference of 730 meters - it is a challenge even for the greatest enthusiasts.

Berovo Lake

This area is characterized by fresh summers and cold winters. The pleasant climate makes this area an ideal refuge in the summer periods. Come to the surroundings of Berovo Lake and see the cleanliness and the images of nature that you have not seen before. The area is rich in wild fruits and herbs. Due to the favorable location, in the pure and untouched nature at an altitude of 1,000 meters, various forest berries and plants grow, from which medicinal tea can be prepared.

Maleshevo specialties

What is perhaps the most famous thing of this Maleshevija region is certainly the most beautiful Berovo cheese, that you must try with a fresh roasted bread, the taste of which is irreplaceable. After lengthy explorations and walks through nature and clean air, the ideal place to visit are the pens, where besides the Berovo cheese with homemade sour cream, locals prepare delicious traditional foods, eco-products and some of the authentic Maleshevo specialties. Anyone who at least once in their life wanted to taste at least briefly what they had no opportunity to see, living in urban environments and truly enjoying all that beauty and home-made cuisine, the pen is where they can do it all.

Berovo Lake

More information about Berovo Lake can be found on this website.

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