The centuries-old village of Brajcino

You will never find out how crystal clear, fresh, and easy can be the air until you visit the centuries-old village of Brajcino. You are accommodated in the bosom of Mount Baba, at an altitude of 1000 meters, along the valley of the pure Brajcino River. The river covers the landscape of the village and divides it into two picturesque parts, which abound with rich flora and fauna. The forest and the shy diverse wildlife hidden in it are around you. Above you rise several mountain peaks, and from a distance you see the tranquil blueness of Prespa Lake. Due to the proximity to Lake Prespa, for lovers of water and birds, interesting destinations are the island Golem Grad and the ornithological reserve Ezerani, as well as Podmocani, where the museum with the most numerous collection of folk costumes is located.


Mountain beauty in the village Brajcino which offers recreation

Breathe in and fill your chest with the tempting scent of forest fruits, get to know the beautiful surroundings through hiking, mountain and biking trails, and realize that you've come to a place where silence rests, as well. You feel the freedom that can only be understood by migratory birds that choose Brajcino each year as a station for rest and food. The village abounds with springs and rapid watercourses. In Brajcino River one of the oldest trout species is found, and the fir forest has the highest annual growth rate in Europe.

The mountain slopes around Brajcino are abundant with thick beech and oak forests, and from the village itself, starting from the width of the playground in front of the upper Maalo, there are several marked mountain paths. Through the thick beech, oak and walnut forest rich in springs, the paths lead to the peak Pelister (3 hours) and the Great Lake from the Pelister Eyes (6 hours); they continue to the mountaineering homes Neolica and Kopanki and the village Nizhepole in the Bitola region, which are marked with road sign boards and mountain marking.


The charm of traditional living in Brajcino

The old village houses are decorated with authentic architecture dating from the 19th century, but there are also many modern homes. Many people can say that Brajcino is an urban village with regard to the style of living and the appearance of the buildings. It is not surprising, since at the beginning of the 20th century there were balls in this village and in the surrounding area. At the end of the long walk, it is inevitable that you taste the irresistibly delicious marmalade, confiture or stewed fruit, prepared by the inhabitants of the village Brajcino, who are top masters of the culinary arts, and you can warm your soul with a few sips of the unique forest fruit liqueur. Be sure to take a walk to the monastery St. Petka and the five churches in the village - St. Nikola, H. Mother of God, St. Ilija, St. Arangel and St. Atanas. Brajcino is officially listed among the tourist destinations that foster ecological tourism.


More information about Brajcino can be found on this website.

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