Grey partridge


Starna (Perdixperdix)

The Gray Partridge inhabits areas with temperate climates, and can rarely be found in higher places. It has ash-like coloration with darker and lighter spots and stripes. It has a dark-brown patch in the shape of a horseshoe on the abdomen, which is more prominent among males.In Macedonia, the Gray Partridge is of particular interest to hunters, and can be found mostly in the middle and lower sections of the Vardar River, as well as in Kumanovo, Sveti Nikole, and Pelagonija hunting areas. The Rock Partridge is extremely beautiful. The upper part of the body and the head have distinctive ash-like coloring and on the lower part of the body, white coloring with black markings. They live in small flocks.

This bird often resides in rocky areas and those with low vegetation. It is istinguished from similar birds by its sharp and noisy sounds. In Macedonia the Rock Partridge can be found in high places, especially where stockbreeding is well-developed (because they follow the herds), and they often can be found in Mariovo. Especially beautiful hunting grounds in Macedonia are in the areas of Mt.  Shara, Mt. Suva Gora, Mt. Bistra, and Mt. Stogovo. Rock Partridge hunting is very attractive, and the hunting season matches that of hare hunting.

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