Wild boar



The wild boar is a prized trophy of Macedonia. It has centuries old DNA and genetic composition that has not changed, unlike some other subspecies and semitame species that can be found on other hunting grounds in Europe. The trophy value of the skin and tusks of Macedonian wild boar are exceptionally appreciated. Wild boars live in packs (canine), mainly around the wet forests, and often linger on the edges of forests where there are streams therefore, it can be found on all hunting grounds in Macedonia, except in lowland forests and non forested areas.

The multitude of wild boards in Macedonia is due to the large litter sizes, and the small number of natural predators. The wild boar can run extremely fast, successfully passes through the thickest forest, and is also a good swimmer, so hunters know very well how hard is to outwit this animal. Come and take the challenge; the hunting season runs during the last three months of the year.

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