The trout has its origins in Europe, and rivers in Macedonia abound with various species whose fishing has always been a real challenge. Ohrid Trout (Salmo letnica) is an endemic fish that lives in Ohrid Lake. It is a living fossil from the Tertiary period. This trout ranges in length from 25 to 60 centimeters, and has three subspecies: Letnica trout (Salmo letnica Balcanicus), Struga trout (Salmo letnica Typicus) and Ohrid Belvica (Salmo letnica Aestivalis).

The Ohrid trout differs from the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) in its flat body, small head, and gray spots in star like patterns on the body. Some trout have white-colored meat when cooked, while others have a light pink color. Macedonian trout inhabit the upper course of the Vardar River and tributaries such as Kadina Reka and Treska, and in this area can reach a weight of up to three pounds. A particularly impressive setting for real lovers of fishing and nature is the picturesque landscape along the Radika River. Radika trout can weigh over ten pounds, and is irresistibly delicious.



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