Carp live in warmer, slow flow, or non continuous flow waters, mostly in the lower courses of rivers, and can also can be found in lakes. Carp eat almost everything and collect food by digging on the bottom of rivers and lakes. Fishermen with experience know that catching a carp is a real challenge, and not easy work; the carp really must be duped.

Carp is very common in Macedonia. It can be found in Debar, Kozjak, the Globochica in Ohrid, Prespa and Dojran Lake, and well as in the Vardar River, especially in the Veles stretch. In Mavrovo Lake you can find carp that can reach a weight of up to 17 kg, and Debar Lake holds carp weighing up to a massive 50 kg. Come to catch fish in Macedonia and discover where the real treasure is hidden. Feel the magic stillness of sunrises, and let them shine with their beauty in their micro habitat.



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