Krushevo is the highest town in Macedonia, situated on the Buseva mountain,  over 1,350 meters above sea level, surrounded by beech and pine forests and mountain peaks.

Because of the favorable historical, cultural, climatic and geographical specificities it is considered as a tourist center with many tourist facilities especially as a winter touristic center. It is full of old and more recent houses built in the style of old Macedonian architecture.

Historic Krushevo was one the center of the Macedonian Ilinden-Uprising. Today the main celebrations of the National holiday on the 2nd of August are held here. 



Things to visit in Krushevo

Museum of Ilinden Uprising

Meckin Kamen

Tose Proeski Memorial House

Nikola Martinovski Gallery

St. Nikola Church

St. Jovan Church



Things to do in Krushevo





Mount biking

Walk around the old bazaar and take your architecture’s sightseeing








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