Kriva Palanka


Kriva Palanka was foundet in 1633 as a place on the road than led to Bulgaria and the purpose was to protect the crossing through the Ravine of Kriva Palanka.In the beginning,the town had a strategic function to protect the road from robberies. In the 17th century, parallel to mining development in Kratovo, ther was also mining development with lower intensity in Kriva Palanka. Iron was transporter in Kriva Palanka, where different objects were made.Thus, bleksmith’s craft was a major occupation of the population in the XVIII and to XIXth centuries.

More intensive growth was market after the Secent wolds wor when the town was expandetd territorially and urbanery.Concegcvently is was reflected on ist population growth: from approxsimately 2000 inhabitants in 1948 to approxsimately 12000 inhabitants in 2002 .

Agriculture and industry have important roles in the economy.Thurty-three settlements gravitate towards Kriva Palanka valley.This town has a role of an economic, cultural and industrial centre for them.The major traffic line which passes through this border town is the motorway connectiong Kumanovo-Stracin-Kriva Palanka –Deve Bair –Kyustendil(Bulgaria).

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