Events guide in Macedonia


A guide to the famous products, places, landmarks and events in Macedonia

Macedonia is a country with rich history and a a great number of various products, places, landmarks and events of significance that have attracted interest and attention of visitors. This country has been the link between the eastern and western worlds for many centuries, not only geographically but also from political and cultural aspect. Even though its territory is relatively small, it is still abundant with magnificent nature as well as profound cultural and historical heritage. Macedonia has a number of nature- related activities to offer, mostly in the three national parks: Pelister, Galichica and Mavrovo. The urban centres, on the other hand, offer business opportunities as well as sports and other kinds of manifestations. Macedonia has become recognizable for its high quality wines and local gastronomy. Several wine regions and wine roads are available to tourists while visiting wine cellars and tasting wine.

Regardless of the purpose or choice of your visit, whether you would decide to chance your luck at some of the many casinos around Gevgelija, or relax in one of the spa centres with thermal baths, or spend your vacation in Ohrid, a town protected by UNESCO, visit some of the most significant monasteries or spend a weekend in the capital city of Skopje, or opt for an outdoor activity in the nature, take part in a manifestation or even come for a medical treatment, Macedonia will make you feel the hearty welcome and the warm hospitality. For these reasons precisely, one is unlikely to be able to visit all that this country has to offer within one visit, neither it is possible to include all the attractions in only one guide. This guide aims to present the products, places, landmarks and events of greater touristic significance in Macedonia and it is therefore illustrated with photographs but also includes maps to provide batter navigation for the readers i.e. visitors. It is our belief that this guide provides the most important information that the visitors should know about while visiting these more significant touristic potentials in Macedonia.

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