Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Macedonia

Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the Republic of Macedonia, where there are literally thousands of off-road and cross paths. Each mountain club rents bikes and organizes regional mountain biking tours and smaller local tours. As clubs, they also encourage the development of cycling paths throughout Macedonia, as well as local sustainable tourism for historical and natural sites of interest.

Mountain biking

Specifics of Macedonia

The daily prizes for your effort are magnificent sights that stop your breath and remain as a visual reminder of the sublime beauty of Macedonia, mountain villages with charming architecture preserved from the past, the abundance of flora and fauna endemic to these unique Balkan mountains, and fresh as dew and clear as crystal glacial lakes that blind the mind.

Bicycle culture for mountain biking

Bicycle culture in Macedonia has been booming in recent years. Bicycle paths are also created outside of the urban areas, and the interest in mountain biking is enormously increasing. Some cycling routes in the mountains are more than 30 km long.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking on Galicica

Galicica is a wonderful place for mountain biking. The trail meets the criteria of both riders who make initial steps and the more experienced ones. Riding along this trail offers participants an unforgettable view of Ohrid Lake along the line from Ohrid to Krstec, stage 1 - 3, a view that remains in one’s memory forever. The rest of the trail is traced along a mountain plateau with a grass cover. The abundance of a variety of flora and interesting landscape forms further enhance the riding pleasure.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Mavrovo

One of the most beautiful mountain biking trails is in the Mavrovo National park. As its name suggests, the trail offers a fantastic biking experience, enjoying the most beautiful landscapes and panoramas in the park. The starting point is just above the village of Leunovo at the area Studence, where this circular path formally ends. However, since there is a network of mountain biking trails in the park, the start and end of the tour can be adapted according to the wishes and the map data.

The largest part of the route extends along a solid and wide unpaved road that is located in the forest in the part of the village of Leunovo to the place Batkovica, as well as from the place Carevec to Mavrovo, and the rest is in the zone of pastures dominated by beautiful landscapes and panoramas. Part of the track overlaps with the local asphalt roads. The orientation along the track is easy and along it there are many markings and road signs that clearly show the way. In four to five places along the track there is drinking water. There are catering facilities only by the Mavrovo Lake. Technical weights are moderate.

Mountain biking

More information about mountain biking and trails in Macedonia can be found on this website.



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