Ohrid Reiseführer

Name e-mail Phone Language
Ljupcho Juzmeski
 +38970974126 English, Greek, Bulgarian, Polish
Katerina Pipileva [email protected] +38970829206 English, Greek
Andrijana Bashoska [email protected] +38970774300 English, Croatian
Katerina Vasileska [email protected] +38970774300 English, Italian
Risto Risteski [email protected] +38975 878212 German
Biljana Risteska [email protected] +38970495332 French
Kliment Dukovski [email protected] +38976453143 English
Vlado Poposki   +38977831300 English,Greek
Marija Rusevska [email protected] +38978329022 English, Bulgarian
Alberta Gulicovska [email protected] +38970776658 English, Italian
Kliment Naumov [email protected] +38970853210 English
Goran Ustijanoski [email protected] +38970307302 Russian
Jasminka Trajkoska Momiroska [email protected] +38975453298 Italian, English
Mile Cvetanoski   +38970889084 English, Bulgarian
Daniel Medaroski [email protected] +38970836074 English
Kire Stenkoski   +38975807985 Serbian, Croatian
Fanche Sotiroska   +38975424428 English
Pero Jakimov [email protected] +38970232235 English
Tatjana Momirovska Lilikj [email protected] +38975531250 English
Naum Naumovski   +38970212164 German
Todor Aslimoski   +38970736252 Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian
Gjoko Gjorsheski [email protected] +38970204643 German, French
Sonja Jankovska   +38975570855 English
Krume Naumoski [email protected] +38971304565 English
Antonio Risteski [email protected] +38970736906 English, Bulgarian
Naumka Joleska [email protected] +38975480565 Bulgarian
Elena Loteska [email protected] +38975421453 English, Bulgarian
Snezhana Todoroska   +38976428240 English
Jorgos Karajanis [email protected] +38975424428 Greek, Polish, Russian
Zoran Tuntev [email protected] +38970261301 English, German
Vesna Kitoska [email protected] +38975801337 Bulgarian
Aleksandar Blazheski [email protected] +38970212162 English
Goran Filiposki
+38978210071 English
Daniel Medaroski [email protected] +38970836074 English
Juzmeski Ljupco [email protected] +38970974126 English
Nikola   Janev [email protected] +38975569385 English
Branko Gjorsheski [email protected] +38971231287 English
Nikolce Evtimoski [email protected] +389 70 525 521 English
Zlatko Gjorsheski [email protected] +38971231289 English
Branko Gjorsheski [email protected] + 389 71 231 287 English


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