tur+1 day The lost world - Radnja Village

The lost world - Radnja Village


Deep in the Kozuf Mountain, forbidden place for the Turks during the Ottoman Empire, lays the land of the free – Radnja Village. Developed in the early days of the Ottoman Empire but than totally destroyed in the Second World War the village was abandoned. Nowadays is one of the true stories of the lost worlds.


-starting time – morning hours - as per your convenience.

-driving with SUV on a dirty mountain road to the Radnja Village (40Km)

-hiking/walking around the village

-lunch at a local house in the village

-driving back to Popova Kula Winery

-duration 1 day


Private excursion – only persons from your group/team will be present. Maximum number of persons per SUV – 4, Maximum number of SUVs in one group - 2.


Price:  Fixed costs per SUV - 100 Euro, plus variable cost per person 15 Euro.


Scheduling: at least 2 days before.

Tour organized by:


Popova Kula

Tel. +389 76 432 630

e-mail: [email protected]







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