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Currently, scuba diving is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Driven by curiosity, people have since long ago wanted to dive in the waters of seas and lakes, in order to explore, hunt, or merely for recreation.



Today, everything is much easier – during your stay in Ohrid, you will have a unique opportunity to learn how to dive in a simple and amusing way. The conditions pertaining to freshwater diving and the advanced equipment that meets all the standards of Scuba Schools International (SCUBA – selfcontained underwater breathing apparatus) will allow you to see the underwater world of Lake Ohrid, but also to obtain a recognized diving certificate. Diving into the depths of the Lake is both safe and entertaining; during the training course you will acquire knowledge from a professional, internationally trained team. Based in the neighborhood of the Bay of Bones, which is part of the Museum on Water at Gradiste, the Diving Center Amphora is licensed to train divers, using the rich experience of its diving trainers. At the same time, diving in Lake Ohrid is amusing as we offer diving at an underwater location, night diving, underwater photographing and video recording. Can you imagine that you will still be able to see at the depth of 21 m? It is like an enormous aquarium, with crystal clear water where the wild animals are friendly – there are no animal or plant species in this Lake that will attack or pose threat to humans.


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