Galicica National Park encloses area of 25 000 ha.  Lowest elevation in the park is Lake Ohrid (695m above sea level), next Lake Prespa (850m a.s.l.), and the highest point is the summit Magaro (2255m a.s.l.).  South border of the National Park is also a national border with R. Albania, on the west the Park borders with the shoreline of Lake Ohrid.  On the north, the border line passes through several landmarks, and connects both lakes.



Starts at St. Petka monastery in the village of Velgosti, continues in a straight line to the high point Visesla.  From there, through the valley of Petrino, locality Istok, to the summit of Samar, and from there goes down to the locality of Sir Han near Lake Prespa.  Eastern border goes along the shore of Lake Prespa to the Albanian border, and encompasses the Golem grad island in the Lake Prespa.



The basic underlay underneath Gaslicica is made up of silica dating from the Paleozoic period.  Over them there is a massive porous limestone with a thickness of 500-550m.  This type of geological structure and the existence of geomorphologic rock formations, make this mountain resemble the mountains from Deaneries mountain range.  On Galicica there can be found different types of landscape fields, surface rock formations, as well as, underground formations such as caves and crevices.     

Due to the inability of the limestone layer to hold water, Galicica is one of the driest mountains in Macedonia.  In the upper sections of the mountain there are only few permanent water springs producing small quantities of water.  Sometimes in years with high amount of precipitation new water springs appear in spring time, and dry out in summer.

The waters in National Park Galichica



This national park is divided into two sections.  Those are: section for summer tourism and recreation, and section for winter tourism.  Sections for summer tourism on Ohrid side, begins at Bej Bunar locality, and streches between the shore of the Lake Ohrid and the newly marked road Ohrid – St. Naum.


Galicica National Park offers number of leisure activities for the park visitors.  We recommend to all visitors who want to enjoy the nature in the park, to use the markedwalking, mauntain and climbing trails.  If you are approaching from the direction of Ohrid, from the petrol service station at Biljanini izvori there is less than an hour walk to the village of Velestovo.  If your level of fitness allows you, some distance further is the locality Krstec, excellent view point over a large field of Dzafa, and a better part of the mountain range of Galicica.  To climb the highest peak on Galicica – Magaro, you should follow the trail that starts at the vicinity of the locality Baba, beside the regional road Ohrid-Trpejca-Carina-Resen.  Apart from the exceptional views, alongside the trail there are geomorphologic clues to the last ice age on our planet.  This part of the mountain contains natural highland grazing meadows with exceptionally reach plant and animal varieties, some of which are not to be found anywhere else.  On a good day, the view from the summit Magaro is breath taking with both Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa right at your feet.

Spacious highland grazing meadows are result of human intervention, and further enhance the beauty  of the mountain.  The locality Dva Javora can be reached via a asphalt road that branches to the left, northbound, as you travel along the regional road Ohrid-Trpejca-Carina-Resen towards Resen.  This location is a starting point for another marked trailleading through a large field “Suvo pole” and the mountain house in the locality „Asan Djura”.  From Asan Djura, the trail branches into two directions, one leading to a summit of Goga, and the other to the cave „Samatska Dupka”.  Entering the cave is possible with prior arrangement with a park guide. Climbing to the summit of Goga will reward you with an excellent view of both lakes. 




Galicica Nationa Park is quite popular destination for paragliding enthusiasts.  Most often the take off point is location Baba on the regional road Ohrid-Trpejca-Carina-Resen, and a safe landing ground is the beach at auto caravan park “Ljubanista”.  This viewing point provides the unique opportunity of having both Lake Ohrid and  Prespa in site at the same time.

To get to know, and enjoy Galicica National Park better, you need more than one day. Do not worry about overnight accommodations.  Large number of the tourist accommodations capacities of Ohrid and Prespa is located within the Park.  Apart from numerous hotels, accommodations can be found in private houses in most villages on the shores of the lakes, and in several caravan parks.

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