spa+Peshna Cave

Poreche is a significant speleological area in Macedonia. It is area that Peshna Cave is located. It is a cave with the biggest mouth on the Balkans: 30meters long. In addition to this cave, the longest cave existing in the Republic of Macedonia called Slatinski Izvori is located here.

Its length is 3500meters and a subterranean watercourse flows through it.


Peshna Cave has been proclaimed a monument of culture. At the very northern part of the cave, following torrent rains and melting of a snow, a powerful spring emerges, which in the arid periods of the year completely dries up. At the entrance of the cave, a medieval citadel exists.

According to the legends, this citadel was built for one of the sisters of Krali Marko. Peshna is registered as a locality from the late ancient period in Macedonia.

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