spa+Hare - Lepus Europaeus

The hare is the unique kind of wild animal that is able to reproduce in open terrain in hunting fields in Macedonia. Furrows and plowed fields often provide shelter, and the hare can be also found in grassy or forested areas. The best habitat for this animal is open fields with access to woodlands.

That’s why we can find the hare in all parts in Macedonia - from high mountains to the valleys, in forests and in open fields. This animal usually requires drier and open spaces, as well as fallow land. It is regarded as a relatively easy target.


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The level of the hare population depends on weather conditions in the season; although it can be found in large numbers in hunting areas in Macedonia, care should always be taken when shooting; hunting hares should also depend on the rate at which they breed. The hunting season runs from October 11 to December 14.

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