The iconostasis of the monastery is made of tiny, deep engraving, and one of the most beautiful, together with that one in the Holy Salvation church in Skopje.

There are wonderful figures of biblical scenes, but also a richness of birds, grapes clusters, branches of vine etc. In the scene of Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist, a woman dances dressed in a traditional costume from Miyak region.



The St. Jovan Bigorski Monastery is located by the road between Gostivar and Debar in the canyon of the River Radika, surrounded by the dense forests of Mountain Bistra.

displayed. There are remains of a church in the monastery, which dates back to the 16th century, i.e. 17th century and 18th century, and the big icons are preserved from it. Bigorski Monastery enchants with its beauty. Here is a fortune of frescoes, icons and a magnificent iconostasis with beautiful engraving, and other woodcut inventory: analogy (bookstands), pews, bishop's throne, amvon etc. The frescoes are work by the famous fresco-writer, Dicho Zoograf. Nowadays, the monastery is completely restored, besides the accidental fire in 2009 when the old quarters were burnt down completely as well as two dining rooms, a library and monks quarters. However, this monastery still pulsates spiritually due to numerous monk's brotherhood.

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