The Museum of Wine - Demir Kapija



The museum dedicated to wine and wine consumer culture began its work on the 7th of November, 2010, exactly 12 years ago.

Wooden barrels for wine, glasses made of glass, decanters, bottles, ceramic cups and bottles, containers used for storage, preservation, and consumption of wine and other drinks, as well as tools for land cultivation as objects of local significance, represent the fundamental museum collection handed over by the local Budimirović family.



Today, they decorate the showcases of the wine gallery, which, with its rare specimens, depict the museum.

During its ten-year existence, several campaigns with archaeological research have been carried out on the territory of the Demir Kapija Municipality.



As a result, archaeological material conveying the cultural and historical past of this region has been brought to the museum.

The justification for launching such a project is to present and promote Demir Kapija by opening a general museum in whose showcases the history and culture of Demir Kapija will be presented, as well as the long wine tradition which has deep and firm roots in this area, for which numerous findings of representations of the god of wine Dionysus and his playful retinue of Bacchanalia are a confirmed indicator.



The museum contains a wine gallery, archaeological collection, ethnological collection, collection of photographs, and a unit that presents the natural heritage of Demir Kapija.



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