After the winding canyon of one of the most beautiful Macedonian rivers, Radika,  sits one of the region’s oldest villages – the small, but incredibly picturesque village of Janhce. The area of ​​the village is only 4.8 km2, and lies at an altitude of 760 meters. The parallel existence of the church and the mosque is proof of the villagers’olerance and coexistence through centuries. Houses line the hillside in inextricable union with the beautiful natural landscape. Their authentic appearance reflects a rich architectural tradition nurtured through hundreds of years. The most experienced person for the estoration of houses of this village is Master Tefik Tefikoski, who retains the uthentic look of the houses by using only natural materials like mud, rock, and wood, consistent with traditional Macedonian houses in the past.

Dug waterfall, the monastery of St. John the Baptist, the small “Elen Skok” bridge, Tresonche River and glacial Lake Lokuv are all easily accessible from the village. Each year there is a culinary festival in the village, where skilled chefs gather from the surrounding villages and compete in preparing the most delicious pie. To complement the natural beauty including the clear and fast Radica River, you must taste the tea, mountain herbs, and the cheese of Mavrovo made from unpasteurized milk. After sunset, you may relax under the beautiful Milky Way, far above you.



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