Monastery of St. John the Baptist



Monastery of St. John the Baptist is known for its iconostasis. He was drafted by Petre Filipov – Garkata from village of Gari. It is built by craftsman`s hands of Petre Filipov - Garkata village of Gari. Along with his brother Mark Philip, Makrarij Frchkovski of Galichnik and Abraham Dichov with his sons Vasil and Filip from Filipovci Osoj in the period from 1829 to 1835, managing to create beautiful artistic wooden procedure. 

The iconostasis is divided into six horizontal bands. The first is basically composed of rectangular fields that have ornaments of flora and fauna. The second zone, which moved throne icons, ends with a figure of an eagle with spread wings. The third area is divided into three smaller horizontal separations that are symmetrically distributed angels, grapes and vines, etc. Above them are two rows of icons - with images of apostles. In the center is the large cross on which Crucifixion of Christ. On both sides of the cross are figures of a dragon whose mouth is raised icons of John the Baptist and the Holy Mary. 


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