1 day Explore Skopje on our One Day Skopje tour

Explore Skopje on our One Day Skopje tour

Skopje has blossomed into a vibrant city and an exciting tourist destination. Skopje can be gladly visited the whole year round. Summer lasts from June to August. In March and April it is SKOMRAHI- an international meeting of film and drama students from Southeastern Europe and Austria ; in May you can visit the May Opera Evenings which is held since 1972 and the International Book Fair and Libro Graphic. In June or August, the Skopje Summer Festival is held, and in October, Skopje Jazz Festival.
Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, and a large part of the city is newly built, as many buildings collapsed during the earthquake in 1963. The city’s most attractive neighborhood is Skopje old town with it’s bazaar. The area is full of shops and restaurants, and it is also here that you’ll finds The Church of Holy Saviour and the most of the monuments from the time of the Ottoman Empire . The old town has atmosphere and charm and can tell you interesting stories about the city’s history.





Detailed Itinerary

Part One of this tour
We begin the sightseeing of Skopje from Skopje Fortress which is renewed and from where you have a magnificent view over the town. Then we’ll see the old Church of Holy Saviour with its fantastic iconostasis. Five Hundred years of Ottoman influence in the region have left Skopje with a distinct oriental feel and look. Мany of these  interesting and important historical and cultural monuments from that period remained and are the real tourist attraction and on this tour we shall visit most of them.  Among them is Sultan Murat  Mosque  also known as Mustafa Pasha Mosque built by Sultan Murat II, the Ottoman Inns (Hans), and the Old Bazaar which is a genuine  Balkan expiriance with many small streets and houses, hand craft shops, restaurants and coffee places.

From there we’ll cross the River Vardar over the ancient Stone Bridge which has been  the symbol of Skopje and is the characteristic element of the coat of arms of the city, and head to the newer part of the town on the right side of the river. On the new rebuild Macedonia square we’ll see the grandiose statue of Alexandar the Great,  the other statues and new interesting buildings around the square. Walking along the main street, Macedonia street, we’ll come to Mother Teresa memorial house. The peace Nobel prize winner Mother Teresa was born and brought up not so far away from the memorial house. The first part of this Skopje one day tour will end at the Old Railway station ruined by the earthquake in 1963  which is the museum of  Skopje.
Part Two
After a short break (lunch) will continue with a visit to the church St.Panteleimon on the Mountain Vodno and the Millennium Cross where will be able panoramic view of the City of Skopje and the beautiful landscape of the surrounding mountains and their green valleys. We continue to Canyon Matka where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the many amenities of the canyon. (Optional drive to the deepest cave Vrelo). Return to Skopje and visit of one of the three aqueducts on Balkan which is assumed to be built in the time of the Roman Empire.


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